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The ReelAbilities NY Disabilities Film Festival

The ReelAbilities NY Disabilities Film Festival was initiated at the JCC in    Manhattan, in 2007. The festival was the first of its kind to present award- winning films by and about people with disabilities. Screenings took place at multiple venues throughout the city and they were followed by discussions that brought together the community to explore, discuss, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience.

The ReelAbilities Film Festival

In 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio was the first city to follow in New York’s footsteps by hosting a ReelAbilities Film Festival. Since then, the festival has spread to over a dozen cities in North America, and we have received more than 500 films for consideration submitted from across the globe. In 2014, the festival’s national headquarters moved to Cincinnati where it is being managed by a nonprofit, Living Arrangements for Developmentally Disabled (LADD), Inc.

Who is Involved?

  • Kim Vincent, Festival Chair
  • Jenny McCloy, Festival Chair
Hannah Eldridge Photo

Hannah Eldridge, Festival Sponsor Liaison, Public Relations and Administrative Coordinator, LADD Inc.

Hannah joined LADD in 2012, inspired to produce meaningful work and to further LADD’s mission. She sees ReelAbilities as a chance for the community to recognize the strengths of everyone and to explore their understanding of disability.

Molly Lyons, Sponsor Liaison, Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival, Special Gifts Manager at LADD Inc.

Susan Brownknight photo

Susan Brownknight, Managing Director of Cincinnati ReelAbilities, Director of Development at LADD Inc.

Jesse Byerly Photo

Jesse Byerly, Multimedia Specialist for Cincinnati ReelAbilities and LADD Inc. ; Public Allies/Americorps Alumni

Jesse got involved because of his background and interest in the arts. Art allows people to express themselves in a universal language. While it is certainly subjective, it can still be interpreted and experienced by all. Film in particular is a great tool for sharing an experience with others. ReelAbilities has helped him to understand that ‘disability’ is a very fluid term, and that it has many different faces. Each film presented helps to show an entirely unique and original story- something that every single one of us has, regardless of ability experience.  He hopes that through his involvement with his festival, I can help further this notion to create a more empathetic and expressive community for all..

Advisory Committee

  • Flavia Bastos
  • Steven and Susan Black
  • Phyllis Breen
  • Robert E. Brant
  • Tracey Lynn Conrad
  • Joseph Dehner
  • Toni and David Eyrich
  • Vallie Geier
  • Shelley Goering
  • G. Anthony Huser
  • John Lanier
  • Kate Lawrence
  • Raphaela Platow
  • Stuart Rabkin
  • Sara Vance Waddell
  • Steve Wilson
  • Alison Zimmerman
ReelAbilities, presented by JCC Manhattan, in partnership with Ladd Inc. National sponsors: Jason's Connection , Saul Schottenstein Foundation B.

ReelAbilities: Cincinnati

3603 Victory Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45229